2016 AB Central Branch Contest Themes

Jan - Built Beautiful (Architecture)
Feb - Naturally Beautiful (Nature)
Mar - Animals on the Wild Side
Apr - Sports Play of the Day
May - Panoramic Pieces
June - You Shot THAT with a Smartphone?
July - Most Memorable Destination
Aug - Stage Act
Sept - Airspace is the Place for…
Oct - Time of Transition
Nov - Winter in the World
Dec - Now THAT’S a party…

The rules for the digital monthly photo contest have now been finalized as follows:

  1. A maximum of TWO images can ONLY be submitted to shelby.borys@gmail.com up until 12pm on day of contest
  2. An entry fee of $2.00 for each image is payable upon ARRIVAL at the meeting
  3. Jpeg file names MUST be consistent with the following:
    FirstName_LastName_Month_Year_Member#_A(accredited) or O(observer)_(Entry#)1 or 2.jpeg
    eg. Shelby_Borys_January_2016_A1021_A_1.jpeg
  4. Digital photos MUST be sized accordingly:
    a) Cropped within rectangular template dimensions of: 1920x1080 pixels at 72 dpi
    b) Displayed vertically in the above horizontal template for proper display in preview slideshow at meeting
    c) Background/ layer surrounding image can be presented/ coloured in any way
  5. Late, unpaid, improperly named and improperly sized entries will NOT be accepted
  6. Members that enter MUST cast their vote in person for both semi-final and final rounds to be eligible to win.
  7. Contest winners MUST compose a brief technical/emotional description to accompany their image on PPOC social media containing:
    a) Contest theme that month
    b) Describe why photo fits theme
    c) Describe how/where photo was captured
    d) Camera exposure/ lens used

Note: TWO categories for either Accredited or Observer members have now been created in an effort to level the playing field and promote fair levels of competition, but both categories must receive a minimum of two entries each in order to be judged separately in order to avoid default victories.