Alberta Central Branch - Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year

Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year By Gerry David

The contest theme I won 2015 Photographer of the Year for is “Unforgettable People.” This photo was taken at a seniors residence. I was taking photos as a favour to a friend of mine who worked there. My subject, Nick was 95, and still a spry, grumpy old guy who rubbed some people the wrong way, but he was a character, and his life was etched in his face. "I am an ugly man, I don't know why you'd want to take my picture" he said. He died 3 months later.

I walked around him to figure out what kind of picture to take, and in my opinion, his face was screaming PROFILE, which is rare enough.
I was in an 8 ft X 12 ft room with a library and a fireplace - no room. A south facing window with harsh light. I covered the window with an opaque white sheet, and covered the wall behind him with a black one. I turned him into the light, got him to take his glasses off, and used a reflector to fill in some light on the back of his head, and bam! He was not happy with the picture, but asked for a printed copy for his kids nonetheless.

This image was shot with available light from 10 ft away on tripod-mounted Canon 5D, 70-200 f/2.8 lens wide open, 1/80s…