Built Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, January 2016 - “Built Beautiful” (Architecture) - WINNER: Shelby Borys

“Built Beautiful” was our member-interpreted theme for the first Alberta-Central monthly PPOC photo contest of 2016 that opened my archives from July 2008 back to when I was a tourist in Rome and I captured this shot of the Colosseum before continuing on a greater tour of Mediterranean Europe that summer. Capturing a full shot-list of every major sight in Rome would have taken weeks, and being that I was on foot with only a couple days in the city I put most of my energy into visiting the top site on my bucket-list for Rome: the Colosseum. Though I missed the internal tours scheduled at the famous ruins that day my arrival was timed well with the setting sun nonetheless and that luckily gave me a brief window to shoot, among hundreds of other shots, only three vertical frames of the Colosseum from left to right, just as the monument’s lights had come on, to later be merged into one. The guided tours hosted at the Colosseum were the only way for visitors to get shots inside the walls, but I found those shots less iconic than the exterior anyway, so missing the tours really allowed me to be there at the most ideal time when there was no crowd, lineup, or intense daylight/ shadows to work around. The 3 shots comprising the whole of this image were shot with a 17-55mm zoom at 17mm on my Nikon D80 at 1/40 f/2.8 1600 ISO.