Central Branch Monthly Shootout Winners

The month of April and May were both judged at the same time. And one member stood out and won both!

Congratulations to Jeff McDonald.

From the winning member:

Sports play of the day…

I recently discovered that the Canadian National Taekwondo Team Trials were going to be held in Calgary, and with my background in Taekwondo, I was determined to get to the event and capture some interesting images. The last time I was at this tournament was as a competitor and coach in 1998 and at that time I hadn’t yet begun my journey as a serious photographer.  It’s always a bonus being able to draw on the skills and experiences gained from one passion and apply them to another; in this case the timing and understanding of what was about to happen in the match allowed me to capture some dynamic images at the peak of the action.  Fortunately for this shot, the competitors and referee were in great positions to give me a clean view of the exchange.  

Panoramic pieces…

I took this image at this year’s Bodyssey and Beyond conference in Banff and it features local makeup artist & model Tara Smith wearing a landscape body art design created by instructor Mark Grenawalt during one of his classes at the event.  I was trying to figure out how to incorporate a selection from my recent work into the Panoramic Pieces theme, and I thought a spin on the traditional landscape incorporated into a figure study would make it stand out from the crowd.