Naturally Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, February 2016 - “Naturally Beautiful” (Nature) - WINNER: David Grossklaus

The contest theme for February 2016 was Naturally Beautiful (Nature). I believe that this photo fits the theme due to the natural light effects directed on the snow. There is a stand of trees and bushes out of the frame on the left side that cast shadow and light at different intervals on the cold snow. These long shadows only occur for a short duration during a sunny day in winter. The lower angle of the sun and "colder" light lend a blueish cast in the shadows. This occurs naturally over the entire area of this specific area (the bottom of a small coulee) and found a small grouping of grass poking through the snow as a point of reference. This photo was captured on a cold and clear day in the middle of winter. I was driving on a rural road just outside of Carstairs, Alberta in the hopes of finding some wildlife to photograph and dropped into a small coulee. As I glanced out of the window I actually drove past this light show and had to drive back in reverse to grab a photo. I literally zoomed, framed and took the photo out of my running vehicle thinking "that looks cool". I was testing out a newly purchased camera at Christmas for my wife on January 19, 2014 - Nikon D3200 with Nikon 80-400mm lens. ISO 140, Focal length of 400mm, 1/250 sec at f11. These settings provided for good depth of field for focus from front to back and great sharpness.